Reference Rates for Digital Assets

Prices that are truly representative of the market, for performance benchmarking, CFDs and Derivatives.

Accurate reference rates, calculated from a pool of dozens of exchanges across the globe.

Reference Rates

Superior Coverage

Rates are calculated using real-time data feeds from 40+ exchanges around the globe

Free API Access

Consilium reference rates are open for developers, traders and companies.

Transparent Methodology

Our methodology aims to provide the most accurate, transparent rates in the world.

Need real-time data or custom rates?

Our team builds custom market data solutions.

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N.A.V. Calculation (Performance benchmarking) Performance Quantitative metrics distilled from trade & order book information across thousands of assets


Derivatives & CFDs News, Blog, & Social Media coverage provides a broad view of investor opinion and sentiment changes

Legal & Accounting

See deeper into the market with custom curated data sources and metrics, customized for your needs

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Price cryptoassets more accurately, no matter the use case.

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