Complete price & volume transparency for thousands of cryptoassets

Real-time trade, quote, and order book analytics

Consilium captures over 90% of the public trade volume in cryptoassets worldwide

Real-time Data, Global Coverage

  • Stay on top of the market with data from over 40+ Exchanges across four continents

  • Access to gapless, complete trade histories for 14,000+ Tradable Assets

  • Complete price and volume transparency

In-Depth Analysis

  • Analyze raw trade and order book data for deep analysis

  • Pre-computed metrics to save you time & money

  • Custom modeling and data visualizations available through the Consilium Consulting services

More signals, less noise

  • Big data architecture normalizes and cleans all information for easy comparison across sources and timelines

  • Easily analyze arbitrage and market impact from Exchanges around the world

  • Backtest strategies across thousands of tradable assets

360-Degree View of any Cryptoasset


Tick-level trade data for thousands of tradable pairs. Perfectly suited for backtesting or model development.

Order Books

Granular order book data provides you with the most detailed picture of market activity.


Save time and computation cost with our pre-computed indicators and metrics.