Unique insights from uncommon data sources

Alternative Data has become one of the key pillars of any investment analysis process or quantitative strategy. In equities markets, satellite imagery, sensor data and other unique datasets provide investors and traders with measurable alpha. Consilium aims to curate, clean and deliver similar datasets relevant to the cryptoasset markets.

360-Degree View of any Cryptoasset

Search Index

Changes in search volume activity on informational sites can be a robust leading indicator for price movements.

Blockchain Activity

Transaction and wallet activity can give insights into the adoption and use cases of blockchain projects.

Github Analytics

Analyze and track the softare development process of major crypto projects.

Need real-time data or custom analytics?

Our team builds custom crypto data products.

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Funds & Asset Managers

Make data your edge by leveraging insights from our unique sources.


Augment your due diligence and onboarding process for new crypto assets.

Researchers & Academics

Collaborate with Consilium to discover new factors that are driving the markets.