Unrivalled Coverage of Trade Data, News, and Alternative Data

Consilium Pulse is a streamlined market intelligence solution combining AI-powered analytics with more than 90% of all trade volume.

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With Consilium, you have access to an ocean of digital asset information, covering over 90% of all global trade volume, news & social analytics, and alternative data insights, helping you drive consistent returns

Enhance your portfolio with data-driven decisions

• Leverage accurate, real-time insights and 24/7 coverage of dozens of exchanges and thousands of markets

• Research newly listed coins & ICOs, historical market activity, and investor sentiment with our extensive market research.

Uncover key insights from an ocean of data

• Find the true market triggers in a sea noise leading to faster decisions

• Specific to your interests, we can provide you up-to-date sentiment on trending news topics across mainstream and Social Media channels.

Uncover key insights from an ocean of data

• Access the true market triggers from the noise leading to faster decisions

•Track news & social media sentiment across mainstream and crypto-specific channels, customized to your *interests*.

Analyze the market with ease using our all-in-one solution

• Trade data, Influential News, and alternative data analytics presented in a concise format.

• Stay informed about market fluctuations by leveraging our high quality insights and alerts.

• With AI-powered research and exchange insights at your fingertips, you have the power to make better-informed investment decisions.

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